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OK, here’s the skinny!

April 27, 2010

Don’t know if I’m complaining, or if I’m just telling it like it is, but I’M TIRED!

Curt just came home from work a 3 p.m. and went right to bed to sleep off his fatigue. His commute is about 1 hour. He said he slept most of the way home. He was driving. That’s scary!

Here’s the litany: Friday, a week ago, we flew to Oklahoma City. Spent 4 days there auctioning  off (or so we had hoped) 2 alpacas and showing nine. It was a crappy auction and a crappy show. We  were hit at the airport with the news about Zoom-Zoom’s broken leg, etc. (see blog). Arrived home to the same five paca butts we had been watching before. 

Finally,  we induced (chemically) Mele to have her boy on Wednesday. Labor and delivery fine, but he didn’t nurse. A little anoxia during birth causes the babes to be unable to latch on to suck. Two nights of every 2 hours milking mom and feeding boy.

Then we packed ourselves, 15 alpacas + Mele and boy, and headed out to Pasco, Washington, for a weekend show, stopping every 2 hours to milk Mele and feed boy. We love that trip! Have made it a million times for paca reasons. Always stop in Baker City for breakfast at the Sumpter Junction.

Arrived at the TRAC in good time, set up for the show and had a great weekend. Sunday was hectic, though. Had two rings going at the same time, and C & I had animals in both rings in back to back classes all day! Thank God! I mean really, thank God! for friends and family. Sometimes we had 4 animals in the ring at the same time with three more on deck. I was the orchestra leader, keeping track of the score–the who’s where with whom when. Our friends were magnificent. Always smiling, patient with me, eager to help, adept and gentle with the animals, and just plain loving to be around. Thank you, Terri, Kaye, Karil, Rod, Lynn, Diane and especially eleven-year-old Shelby, who won us a ribbon with Markie! And Curt, you are ever handsome in the ring!

In the meantime, Mele and babe, now named Nadal, are charming everyone on a green patch of grass across from the exhibitors’ hall.  You’d think alpaca breeders would take new babies in stride. But no, we are suckers for the crias. Oohs and ahs from everyone. (BTW, Nadal is a Galician word for Christmas. His mom, Mele, and sister, Froeliche, sport the “Merry” ; he got the “Christmas” part.)

Nadal at 5 days old

Nadal needed help until Saturday afternoon, when he seemed to master the art of nursing and was able to get his fill on his own. Saturday night Curt and slept all night–well, at least until 5:30 when we had to get up and ready for the first showing at 8 a.m.

We had a successful show. Two blue ribbons and a Reserve Championship. Not as good as the last two years, but respectable. Every animal we showed except one, got a ribbon.  Remember Camelia from the Arizona blog? Well, she didn’t place.  I don’t care! I love her to pieces and think she’s gorgeous!

So, we tear down, pack up, load up and head out. I gorge on buffalo wings at Appleby’s and drink 2 huge Cokes (well, Pepsis). I’m absolutely miserable on the trip back. Ibuprofen doesn’t touch my aching feet and ankles, and my eating binge protrudes my belly so far I can’t sit up straight.  Ugh!  Not fun! Thank God! again, Curt didn’t ask me to drive.

Home at midnight thirty, put up Mele and babe, and didn’t even untrailer the others. Straight to bed and to sleep. Thank you, Nadal, for nursing on your own!

You know, this has always been a tiring regimen for us, this show stuff. But, yowsa! I’m not bouncing back like I have in the past. This week I’ve dragged myself out to “watch butt!”  We, until last night, still had four overdue pacas. Last night Curt took two to the vet: Lizzy with a very, very narrow pelvic area and possible breach, and Ninafina, who had a c-section last year, is one-year gestation today. (We start watching for crias at 330 days.)

Clarice, also one-year today, gave me every possible sign that she was delivering this afternoon. I even called in my ranch help from home. Just as soon as he got here, she stopped. Cold! And since then has been acting  like nothing unusual is going on at all.

That’s where I am now.

A wonder of nature


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  1. April 27, 2010 7:21 pm

    This post brought back all the pregnancy and new mom crazyness. I do not envy your schedule right now. I honestly have no idea how you do it. You are not whining at all. (Even if you were, we would still love you though.)

    Oh my the baby is so incredibly adorable. I completely understand why everyone was ohhhing and ahhhing over him. He just looks so soft and cuddly.

    • April 28, 2010 4:57 am

      Dear, dear CM,

      Thank you for loving me in my crazyness. (I’m calling you CM, because I’m always tempted to write, Dear Crazy, and I am NOT going to call you that!) I always appreciate your comments because I know you’re there understanding and holding me up in spirit as I move through the day. How wonderful I feel in this lovely community of women writers. You’re a real blessing to me.


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