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The Moment

April 2, 2010

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.– Corita Kent

(I found this in Julia Cameron’s Finding Water.)

Sky is blue and clear. Sun isn’t up yet. Three stripes of pink stretch across the hills brightening with each moment.  I hear the kitty lapping water. The clock ticks. A red winged black bird whistle-chirps his song – over and over.  Air from the vent blows cool against my ear and hand. I’m bundled in blanket, fleece vest and slippers.

The horizon brightens and blackens the hills in front.  I anticipate the coming of the sun. I know it will slip over the the hilltop, a gilt line, then burst warm and blinding like a child out of hiding.  “Here I am!  Did you miss me?”

It still keeps me waiting. The pink is gone.  Too subtle.  The yellow-white intensifies and I know it’s coming –soon—soon.  But not quite yet. Brighter, still brighter.  Almost.  Not yet.

I’m squinting now.  The light is whiter now, the hills blacker. The three cloud lines are gray. An aureole of hot light pulses, rounder, brighter, hard to look at.  I have to gaze in glimpses now. The orange stain on my eye blinks on the page as I write.  So intense.  Can’t stare. Waiting. Almost, almost. Hot bright. Hot. Hot. Phew! This is intense. Brighter than anything around. Dazzling. Can’t look. Can’t see. Can’t stand the brightness. And it’s still not here.

White bright, seering bright, painful bright. Where is it? Come on. This is worse than waiting for an orgasm!

A tower of brightness shoots up the clouds blocking them from view.  Spreads out like an eruption into the sky. Still not here. The whole tower has widened into a fan and asks, “Is this Shekinah glory?” How can it be anything less? My eyes see rainbow edges. Am I looking into an orb?

Below the roundness the light is less. I think the sun snuck up. 

I can’t see the letters I’m writing for a pale green spot in front of my eyes that shifts to red and lavender.

The sun is full up now—well above the horizon. It fooled me. Slid up behind a blaze of glory –an anticlimax to its radiance.

Whew! I’m exhausted. This was better than sex, but I’m left with the same wilted ecstasy – heart overflowing, body sated.  What a moment!

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  1. Christine Rice permalink
    April 8, 2010 3:25 am

    I love your details about the sunrise. This is what everyone talks about when they talk about “living in the moment”, something we should all take time to experience once in a while! Thanks for the pretty picture!

    • April 8, 2010 5:37 am

      Thank you, Christine. That’s really a compliment coming from such a beautiful writer and one who writes beauty so beautifully — to be redundant! I’m pouring my coffee now to read your latest. Have you read Worth the effort, believe me! A lovely writer and lots of fun.


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