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Moyers, Clifton & me

February 27, 2010

I just listened to Bill Moyer’s Journal where he interviewed the two lawyers who are defending gay and lesbian marriage. I fell in love with them – those two diametrically opposed powerhouses. Their gentle, loving regard for their clients’ pain and sorrow, and their clear explanation of the points of law were extraordinary. I hope everyone who cares at all that two people who love each other have the fundamental right to marriage, regardless of their sexual orientation, will view that program. I will ask you to ask yourselves, do people who love each other have the fundamental right to marriage? After listening to their arguments, I don’t see how anyone can say,”No.”  See, please,

At the end of the story, Moyers paid last tribute to a wonderful woman who was unknown to me:  Lucille Clifton, an African American poet of undeniable acclaim. In the clip, she read some of her poetry out loud. It was so delightful that I went hunting for it and found lots of it on the Poetry Foundation website:

I don’t know what the rules are for putting someone else’s copyrighted poetry in my blog. I wish I knew so I could stick in her “garden of delight.” or her “homage to my hips” But maybe this will do as well. I just love her words and the way she puts them together, that I’d like them to honor my blog. I’ll research the issue and see what I’m allowed to do. In the meantime, please delight yourself a little today with her genius!

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